Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Sixth Birthday to My Big Little Girl! I Have So Many Wishes for You, My Daughter!

My only girl is growing up too fast – cliche I know, but still so true.  She continues to humble me in countless ways. She joined us through circumstances that defy adequate explanation and are, at times, painful to examine too closely.   She brought with her into our family a zest and joy that is beyond what I could imagine. She is beginning to understand more and now asks me questions I don’t know how to answer, piercing me with her black orbs that don’t ever seem to blink. 

In how she approaches life, she models many behaviors I see as the best of us.  She inspires me.  I have so many wishes for her on this special day, it is hard to know where to begin.   But here goes, I wish for you my baby girl (who I know doesn’t really want to be called a baby any more but humors this mama):

May you always keep your sense of inclusion.  If I could bottle how you openly and without judgment approach everyone around you, the world would see less misunderstanding and hate.

May your sense of what is fair and right continue to guide you to stand up when you see injustice or someone who needs your support or just one of your light-up-any room smiles. 

May your inner “caregiver” continue to lead you to generously reach out to those around you in your life whether it be family, four-legged creatures or new friends.  You have the gift of saying or doing just the right thing at just the right moment to make people feel cherished.  

May you continue to ask the tough questions unflinchingly and push until you receive adequate answers.  Those questions lead to healthy discussions, progress and sometimes even solutions. 

May you never lose the ability to see the humor in any situation and to use your intellect and wit to make even the toughest person smile at your disarming charm.  

May you grow in your own understanding of how complex and beautiful you are – in every way. 

Each year gives me so many amazing opportunities to see you blossoming into your huge personality  and endless potential.  Watching you celebrate this day with family so joyously, or listening to you belt out the words to Frozen and Lion King on our roof top with abandon as I type, takes my breath away.  

Happy Birthday Leyla Marie Fasika!  You are now six and so sensational!